We offer two types of workshops.

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Classroom Workshops
These workshops are geared towards communities of learners at literacy organizations, schools, and other spaces of education, with a focus on the following goals:

  • introducing students to the medium of theater 
  • activating the subject of literacy, raising questions about related power dynamics, and generating critical discussion
  • invite students to be part of a creative development process
  • creating a positive, integrative classroom environment
  • creating a space in which the act of learning can be experienced through compassion, care, fun, and multiple points of entry

Public Workshops
These workshops use the tools of theater to generate a collective conversation about literacy, power, and access. Through play, storytelling, and community-building, they bring together adult learners, neighborhood locals, and members of the artist and theater community. These workshops are designed to:

  • foster an exchange between a diverse audience
  • create community
  • share information and personal stories relating to literacy and access to education.

Workshops can include: 

  • storytelling exercises
  • physical theater exercises
  • collaborative creative exercises
  • presentation of scenes created during workshop

“The students were all glowing afterwards and that carried into the following week. I still had students talking about it! I think the main takeaway is that they really got to know a little bit more about each other. It helped some of the newer students integrate more.”
– ABE Teacher at Lehman College